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Feb 18, 2013 6:30am EST
. no other airline matched the increase. today is the last day to get a tax break on certain energy star products. it's the end of the shop maryland energy weekend. to encourage people to purchase energy saving alines you can find a list of all the deals on the comp trol are's website or a link to ours on >>> before you head out this morning, let's go over to meteorologist lynette charles. i suspect in the forecast, a hat is in there. >> a hat and gloves and mittens and scarves and it's cold out there this morning. check out the temperatures. parkton is at 17 degrees. more of the same heading into aberdeen. baltimore is at 18 and we are looking at 21 in pasadena. shadyside 20 more in denton and cambridge at 25 degrees. we have the winds now out of the northwest at about 6 miles an hour in baltimore. 5 in chestertown and 8 in denton. so we have a wind chill. it feels like we are at 10 in baltimore this morning. bundle up. foals like 11 in denton this morning. as you -- feels like 11 in denton -- denton this morning. look what we have. a beautiful start to the day. look at it
Feb 11, 2013 5:30am EST
. >> a tax break coming up this weekend. a chance to go green and buy energy efficient products. >> also ahead, a bird on the loose steals the show at a hockey game. we'll show you how this condor was finally wrangled. at university of phoenix we know the value of your education is where it can take you. (subway announcer; "now arriving at city hospital") which is why we're proud to help connect our students with leading employers across the nation. (subway announcer: "next stop financial center") let's get to work. >>> peter franchot announcing a tax break on some energy star products. it's promotion for tax free weekend coming up this weekend. details will be unveiled at 12:30 this afternoon in pikesville. a list of products is already available on the comptroller's website. you're eligible for a tax break beginning at one minute after midnight on saturday and wrapping up at midnight on monday. >>> a popular bourbon is now a little less boozey. maker's mart is watering down the liquor to meet rising demand. it used to be 45% alcohol by volume. now the company says 42% alcohol by volume
Feb 15, 2013 6:30am EST
break on energy star products. it is a promotion for the tax free weekend. details will be unveiled this afternoon. and the list of products is available on the comptroller's web site. check it out. you are eligible for a tax break starting at 1 minute after midnight this saturday keep that in mind. >> stay with us. this is a strange story. and is one news anchor the victim of a prank. >> they're trying to determine after receiving some calls. where the calls are originating. >> if they were not busy enough with six children and a move career with both of them. one power couple are getting involved in a new business venture. what they are up to now. >>> traffic is just starting to slow down here on 695 and baltimore national pike. we're following a crash. and the delays and have the traffic report coming up. >> and how it is shaping up. >>> good morning, maryland. good morning to you. there is a strange misery with katie couric, very have been getting calls to her home registered to her late husband. they come on tuesdays at 2 a.m. and police say they are investigating whether some
Feb 12, 2013 6:30am EST
milligrams of cay peep for 16 ounce can like an energy drink or cup of coffee set to hit stores on february 25th. >>> ael may be taking a cue from james board. tech giant is working on a smart wrist watch. they are saying it would run on the same ios that is powers the iphone and ipad or i pods. the paper cites an unnamed source saying apple is experimenting with the wrist strap device made of glass. no comment coming from apple. >> people will be talking like this all of a sudden. >> i am curious because we will be synced up to the cloud and itunes nonsense. >> who knows where we are going next go we know where we are going. we are going a talk about the weather. stay with us this morning because the storm that hurricane sandy proved to be so powerful for the tall ship bounty. >> the investigation is going into what caused the ship to go down. why it was at sea in the first place. one person died and the captain was never found. >> all right. ravens are super bowl champs. it took sometime to look ahead to the other birds in town and we will look at the orioles because they are migrating to
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4